Nikki Keown Elected President of the Lafayette Parish Paralegal Association

Richard D Mere, LTD is thrilled to announce that Nikki Keown, a distinguished member of our team, has been elected as the President of the Lafayette Parish Paralegal Association (LPA). This remarkable achievement is a testament to her dedication, expertise, and leadership within the legal community of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Nikki Keown, a Lafayette native, has been an integral part of the legal field for nearly two decades. Since graduating from Southwest Paralegal College in 2005 with a perfect 4.0 GPA, Nikki has dedicated 19 years to practicing as a paralegal, with the last twelve years at Richard D Mere, LTD. Her commitment to excellence and community service has been evident throughout her career, particularly in her involvement with the LPA for the past eight years.

Throughout her tenure with the LPA, Nikki has held various leadership positions and has been an active participant in community events aimed at raising funds and awareness for organizations such as Faith House and Hearts of Hope. Her dedication has been recognized through numerous awards and certificates for her service, including roles as Treasurer, Nominations Chair and Committee, Parliamentarian, and Corresponding Secretary.

Nikki’s passion extends beyond her professional achievements; she is deeply committed to her family and to providing legal assistance to individuals in need, particularly those seeking protective orders and civil suits in cases of sexual and abuse victims. Working closely with Mr. Mere, Nikki has been instrumental in forming a team that is not only passionate about their families but also about making a significant impact in the lives of the families they assist.

Upon her election as President of the LPA, Nikki expressed her enthusiasm and commitment to continue her advocacy work, stating, “I have always worked hand in hand with Mr. Mere, and together we makea remarkable team, as our passion for our own family, as well as helping these families are undeniable.”

Richard D Mere, LTD, and the Lafayette community congratulate Nikki Keown on her well-deserved election as President of the Lafayette Parish Paralegal Association. We look forward to her continued leadership and contributions to the legal field and the community at large.

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