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Child support in Lafayette, LA can be crucial to both the emotional & financial well being of you and your child. Raising a child can be costly, and the financial burden must be shared by each parent. That’s why it is essential that both parents acknowledge their responsibility to provide for their children and understand how important it is to do what they can to ensure their children’s best interest. Child support in Lafayette, Louisiana helps parents with this obligation in a few important ways. First, it provides the necessary funds to cover basic expenses such as food, clothing, and shelter for children. It also allocates responsibility for education costs, medical bills, or extracurricular activities which increase the chances of a child’s success in life.

Child Support Attorney Lafayette LA
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Lafayette, LA Child Support Attorney, Richard D. Mere

When it comes to addressing child support in Lafayette, LA during a divorce, attorney at law Richard D. Mere will help fight for what is best for you and your child. He understands the complexities of child support cases and has extensive experience negotiating long-term arrangements, helping to insure you and your loved ones are well represented. Whether you are facing a divorce or another type of legal dispute involving children, he can help you work together with the opposing party to reach an arrangement that works best for all involved.

Richard D. Mere takes great care to ensure that his clients’ interests are always considered when creating child support agreements in Lafayette, Louisiana. He knows how important it is for parents to have their needs met while still making sure their children are taken care of and provided for in the future. Richard will fight hard on your behalf so that any proposed settlement in regards to child support in Lafayette, LA meets all legal requirements and protects the rights of both you and your child.

Richard understands that dealing with these types of legal matters can be emotionally charged and seem daunting. That’s why he is dedicated to providing solutions that are personalized for each of his clients, ensuring cases are handled properly from start to finish. Richard always takes the time to listen to his clients desired resolution so that he can develop a strategy that best suits their needs both emotionally and financially.

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Legal matters involving child support in Lafayette, LA and child custody/visitations require the skills of an experienced family law attorney. The law firm of Richard D. Mere, LTD, in Lafayette, Louisiana, always is client-focused and results-oriented. Mr. Mere understands the details of family law and how to advocate for his clients who have children. Contact his office or call 337-269-5555.

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