Child Custody Attorney in Lafayette, LA

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During a divorce involving people with children, custody and visitation along with support come to the forefront. Will a joint-custody arrangement be possible among bickering couples? How much visitation will the non-custodial parent get? And who will gain the most through a child support agreement?

Such important issues must be addressed and resolved. An experienced family law attorney will provide the insight and guidance you need. The law firm of Richard D. Mere, LTD, in Lafayette, Louisiana, has been in practice for more than 25 years. Led by attorney Richard D. Mere, his office has the legal and negotiation skills to help you achieve successful results.

Child Custody Attorney in Lafayette, LA

Seeking Resolutions In The Child’s Best Interest

Child custody along with child support and visitation matters go hand-in-hand. These issues focus on the most important result of the marriage: children. Resolution is essential with the children’s best interest in mind.

When it comes to addressing child custody, Mr. Mere will negotiate long-term arrangements on your behalf. In advocating for you, he reviews the child’s needs, the relationships between the child and each parent, and even the child’s preference for where he or she wants to live. Then he will pursue a successful resolution.

Child support also is crucial. Raising a child can be costly, and the financial burden must be shared by each parent. Mr. Mere will advocate for you to secure the child support you deserve. He also will go after any deadbeat parent who ignores making court-ordered child support payments.

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Legal matters involving child support and child custody/visitation require the skills of an experienced family law attorney. The law firm of Richard D. Mere, LTD, in Lafayette, Louisiana, always is client-focused and results-oriented. Mr. Mere understands the details of family law and how to advocate for his clients who have children. Contact his office or call 337-269-5555.

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